Grain, 2013

Grain Warehouse, Victoria Quays, Sheffield, UK

In this ongoing performance I spent a month in a former Grain Warehouse carving soap blocks into oversized grain corns responding to the building’s and the area’s social history. At the end of each day I carried the finished grains into the grain store in the space. While the pile of soap shavings around me and the grains in the store room grew, the soap brick walls that mirrored the existing walls of the space reduced. I worked five days a week, six hours a day silently with an assisstant attending to visitors. People were invited to join me for an In Progress Event and a Closing Event and during the latter in exchange for a comment visitors could take a soap grain.

Sheffield Telegraph
Artists‘ Newsletter

LUSH (special thanks to Michelle Leathy), soap sponsor
Brackenridge Hanson Tate and coordinator Deborah Eagon, space
Fran Halsall, photographer
Eamon Hunt (Very Creative), lighting
Sarah Palmer, Carole Cluer, Madeleine Walton, Chris Graham, Lizzy Levy, Augustinas Naslenas, Judy Hockley, Sally Roberts, Katrin Luebs, Helen Frank, assistants who sat in the space with me during performance
Supported by the Arts Council England