Silvia Champion


My story

My interest lies in the creative work with language as a visual artists and as a language-workshop leader for English and Spanish. Already before and during my University studies of English, Spanish and Art I lived for longer periods in Spain, England and USA. Language and the culture around it has been my passion for as long as I can think. I live in a bilingual household where my husband and my two sons are Englishmen and we switch constantly between German and English. Sheffield/UK was our home till 2016 before we settled in Austria.

Apart from art und languages I enjoy hanging out with my family, practicing yoga and travelling. I am trying to visit friends and family in England and Spain as often as I can but also enjoy discovering new places.


MA Fine Art (Distinction), Sheffield Hallam University, UK

BA (hons) Art/Sculpture (First Class), Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Foundation+1st year BA Fine Art/Sculpture (with Univ. Prof. Mag.phil. Renate Herter), University of Art and Design, Linz, Austria

Sculpture and Painting, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA

Magistra of Philosophy [Mag. Phil.] in Spanish and English Literature and Linguistics, Vienna University, Austria; Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, Spain; Paris Lodron University, Salzburg, Austria; Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA.


I have been teaching in my own and foreign countries in schools, adult education and private (WIFI, VHS, Europagymnasium Auhof/Linz & Birkdale Senior School/UK, Sheffield College.



from 2022  Meditation teacher (Yoga Akademie Austria)

from 2020  Dipl. Yoga teacher training (Proges Akademie)

STEFANIE AREND ‘Yin Yoga teacher training basis’ (part I) 

ADELHEID OHLIG ‚Luna Yoga Sommerlust‘

AYURVEDA-VEREIN NEXENHOF ‚Ayurveda & Yoga im Wechselspiel zwischen Kraft und Entspannung‘

Jede neue Sprache ist wie ein offenes Fenster, das einen neuen Ausblick auf die Welt eröffnet und die Lebensauffassung weitet.

Frank Harris (1856-1931), amerik. Schriftsteller


2011 – 2014

MA Bildende Kunst (Auszeichnung), Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

2002 – 2004

BA Bildende Kunst/Bildhauerei (First Class), Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

2001 – 2002

Teilstudium Bildende Kunst/Bildhauerei, Transmedialer Raum (bei Renate Herter), Kunstuniversität, Linz, Ö

2000 – 2001

Teilstudium Bildhauereu und Malerei, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA

1993 – 2000

Mag.Phil. in Romanistik, Anglistik und Amerikansistik (Lehramt) an Paris Lodron University, Salzburg, Ö
Mag.Phil. in Romanistik, Anglistik und Amerikansistik (Lehramt) an Paris Lodron University, Salzburg, Ö
Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, Spanien
Universitaet Wien, Ö


Seit 2004 als freischaffende Künstlerin tätig

von 2019

Sprachtrainerin, für massgeschneiderte Englisch und Spanisch Workshops in meinem Sprach-Atelier
(als Selbstständige)

2017 – 2018

Unterrichtspraktikum (Englisch/Spanisch), Europaschule Auhof, Linz, Ö

2015 – 2016

Deutschassistentin, Birkdale School, Sheffield (Gymnasium), UK


Sprachlabor, Birkdale School, Sheffield, UK

2004 – 2006

Deutschassistentin, Birkdale School, Sheffield, UK

2003 – 2004

Spanischlehrerin, Sheffield College, Sheffield, UK

2002 – 2016

Privatunterricht in Spanisch und Deutsch, Sheffield, UK

2000 – 2002

Spanisch und Englischlehrerin, WIFI und VHS Linz, Ö