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Would you like to learn English or Spanish in a relaxed way? In a free initial conversation, I record your language level and your goals. It is important to me to know your needs so that you feel comfortable in my language course and really benefit from it. Lessons are dynamic and interactive like a workshop. Fun and mistakes are mandatory. This is the only way we can continue to develop!


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Start your own group with 2 or more people! Depending on availability, you can freely choose the day and time. The prices below apply regardless of the group size.

Learning (to know) a foreign language is like opening the door to a new world. It broadens our horizons and enables us to develop a deeper understanding of our environment. In addition, language learning is an effective brain workout: multilingual people are better able to concentrate and switch back and forth between tasks. According to scientific findings, switching between several languages ​​even delays the degradation process in the brain.

You can join ongoing courses at any time. I recommend the group that best suits your language level and goals. If none of the current dates suit you, you can start a new group together with at least one other person.

The location is not far from the city center of Gallneukirchen; about 20 minutes from Linz. We meet in a modern, open and cozy room with a view of the countryside. When the weather is nice, we move the lessons to the garden or take a language walk in the nearby forest.

My language workshops last 90 minutes. A maximum of four people take part. All content is individually tailored to the participants. There is room for questions and current topics. Since I have lived in both England and Spain, I also provide insights into the culture – for example over a typical English breakfast.

You don’t need to buy any course materials yourself. I don’t work with ready-made materials or a textbook. The exercises are individually created by me. They are therefore relevant to you and always up to date. The process is actively shaped by you and the other participants.

Communicating in smaller groups creates a family community that supports you in learning and overcoming any uncertainties. There is no classic teaching atmosphere. Because only if you feel good is your brain receptive and you stay on the ball with joy.

Personal contact with my participants is very important to me. We communicate in the foreign language via a joint WhatsApp group in order to keep in touch with the new language in everyday life.

Current Offer

You get 10 units of 90 minutes each for 390 euros. All teaching material is included, as well as personal support via a WhatsApp group outside of course times. Your bonus: You can make up for missed lessons flexibly.

Have fun learning languages ​​now!

Select your desired date to register. You can join any current course at any time.

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