My English and Spanish language workshops take place in small groups up to four people in my studio, living room, kitchen, outside or even in a cafe depending on the situation we are working on. I am building the workshop around the needs of the group so it becomes a fun and relevant process for the learner. The communicative aspect is strengthened through the use of role plays, interviews with native speakers, discussions and outings. Grammar flows in where it is needed to strengthen the learning of the structure of the language and to recognise patterns and parallels to our own and other languages.

For me, language is not an isolated structure but embedded in a culture where it lives and changes constantly. Learning a language not only offers social and economical resources but to move between linguisitic and cultural systems has become part of our everyday lives.
In my language workshops it is important to me that I can communicate language as something alive and flowing. I see the learning of a language as an immensely creative process and don’t separate between art and language learning.

groups of 3-4

10 workshops a 90 min

€ 390.- per person

in pairs

10 workshops a 90 min

€ 490.- per person

  • individual workshops by arrangement

  • workshops for special occations such as a longer stay abroad, a business trips etc. by arrangement

  • Intensiv-Workshops by arrangement



Monday to Friday, mornings, afternoons or evenings – arranged with the individual groups


Materials are included