book on the fly, 2014

During three days at the ‘Leeds International Contemporary Artists’Book Fair’, the book fair in the BALTIC in Newcastle and during the Festival of the Mind / Art, Language, Location Projects in Cambridge I sat at a table, dressed in an especially made white outfit and with a typewriter typing all the phrases and words I heard around me. I remained silent during this process. A sheet of blueprint paper between two white sheets of paper enabled me to offer every fully typed page for sale and keep the other that forms part of a book. The accumulation of language created a random, funny perhaps poetic text and gives snippets of the situations the language has been taken from.

On two days I gave a short reading of a typed page to an audience.

This performance has travelled to Cambridge where I performed in Waterstones for the opening of Art Language Location and at Sidgwick Site / Cambridge University as part of Festival of Ideas. Then it went to the BALTIC/Newcastle and there I performed it as part of the Artists’ Book Market.

Each place forms a chapter in my book Book On The Fly

Sharon Kivland; securing a stand at the book fair, organisation, getting funding and catalogue at the Leeds book fair.