meeting a city, 2006

Gallerie 5020, Salzburg, Austria

Part of the exhibition ‘Distance’, where I was part of a group of ten Sheffield artists who organised an exchange with three Salzburg artists.

The exhibition presents subjective views of the differences and similarities of Salzburg, viewed through the distancing prism of the British post-industrial city of Sheffield. Distance is an exploration of how one city might be reflected upon by artists who inhabit another.

My work glimpses behind the superficially familiar façade of Salzburg to consider psychological and geographical distance. A sound piece constructed from language taken from the local Salzburg newspaper and recordings taken from the coffee houses in Salzburg, the acknowledged meeting place of my native Austria and a local newspaper and recordings taken from pubs in Sheffield will confront each other on a traditional Austrian Café table.


Acknowledgement: Verena Strobl, table and chairs